"Imagination is the most powerful force ever made available to humankind"
Our Company We are an intellectual creative development firm.

We are constantly designing and developing new ideas, new tools and technologies to help your business succeed.

Carlos E. Orellana


Provides creative leadership, direction and inspiration to the creative and the development team. Provides a comprehensive vision to the company, bringing consistent look and feel across all channels with the creative ability to transform fresh ideas into actionable concepts.

Roney Lopez

UI Analyst & Project Manager

Creates the navigational structure of the site and hierarchy of information. Arranges website information in the right way. Works with Graphic Designers and user interface functionality developers.

Liz Mendoza

Creative & Project Manager

Assists the creative team with advertising and media research, project coordination, timelines, and budgets. As a Social Media Manager, she manages your presence on social networks through our proprietary social media tools.

Daniel Saavedra

Creative Director

Leads the design team by clearly communicating design concepts, mentor and teach design principles, color development and design ethos as needed. Mentors and develops the design and creative team to further elevate their skill-set to increase their knowledge of product and presentation standards.

Jenny Giraldo

Graphic Art Manager

Pesonally works with the graphic team and monitors all projects and its graphic development. Interacts closely with the Creative Director and executes assignments.

Virginia Hernandez

Graphic & Web Designer

Responsible for the creative strategies and direction of advertising, marketing materials and campaigns. Evaluates and ensures the quality of creative content for new and existing brands. Develops the brand strategy of a product or service.

Karla Cornejo

Graphic & Web Designer

Creates layouts and designs of logos, packaging, advertising, marketing collateral, and published materials in print and online. Collaborates with Creative Director and Chief Creative on concepts. Creates designs and layouts for websites, logos, and online interfaces.

Carlos Costantini

User Interface Architect

As an Information Interface, Carlos provides and wireframes the blueprints for a website, a software platform or a mobile application. Ensures key understanding and execution of the brand's themes and consistent design.


Mariano Alvarez


Billy Michelle

Our Services Experience & Creativity
The perfect balance between creative impact and functionality.
01.   Creative A brand reaches out with a powerful connecting experience.
It's an emotional connection point that transcends the product.
02.   Web Design We are a design-driven development firm. An impressive web design is the most important marketing tool for your business.
03.   Social Media Business is being transformed by the social media revolution!
04.   Software We Specialize in developing SaaS platforms, web-based apps, social networking platforms, and cloud-based collaboration systems.
05.   Mobile We design and build beautiful mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and tablets.
Our Products We are a technology-driven company
01.   ZoneBox
A great content, communication and collaboration platform with on-demand cloud storage to organize and share files like never before. It's like having your own private network.    (demo-zonebox.cloudapp.net/)
02.   The Social Mashup
Engaging Social Media Marketing tools for you website. Now businesses can get real-time comments, suggestions and feedback from consumers.    (www.thesocialmashup.com)
03.   IPTV
Provides web video publishers and broadcasters with an extremely innovative way to deploy standard web videos into interactive user experiences.    (contact us for a demo)
04.   ChambersZone
A dynamic and interactive Business-Directory platform with many Social-Media Marketing tools available for business organizations and chambers of commerce.    (www.chamberszone.azurewebsites.net/)
Portfolio Experience & Creativity
CV Chocolate Wine
Stone Age
Unborn Styles
Secure Runner
Fashion Destination Group
Finest Health Spas
True Love in Time
Globe Changers
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